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One critical activity of the United States Power Squadrons ® is Vessel Safety Check (VSC). During a Vessel Safety Check, a qualified USPS ® Vessel Examiner will board vessels (with permission) and check for the presence and condition of various pieces of equipment required by federal and state laws for the safe operation of that particular vessel. A vessel safety check is provided at no charge and is not a law enforcement boarding. If the boat carries the proper equipment, a sticker will be awarded to display on the vessel. If a boat does not pass the inspection, the USPS informs the owners, but does not report its findings to any law enforcement or government agency.


SCSPS has certified vessel examiners who will perform a free VSC at your boat, at a time of mutual convenience. There is no charge, and no consequences if you don't pass. Our goal is simply to help make boating as safe as possible for you, your family and your friends.

For more information please email vsc@sanibelcaptivasps.org, or click HERE to request a vessel safety check.. 


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